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This is an educational page for kids, parents, and teachers. You will find links to quality sites for information, resources, educational games and software, and contacting others who have interests similar to yours.

If any of the links below do not take you to an active site, please send me an email.

As an educator, I believe that the most important 3 R’s we should be teaching our children are: responsibility,  respect,  reflection.  I also believe it is possible to have fun while learning these qualities.  enjoy!

Latchkey: quality interactive sites for children

Banking Kids: Games and activities for preschool through teen children to learn about money and banking.

Children’s Storybooks Online: Online and for-purchase storybooks, talking ebooks, games, and activities. Site has ads. Word Games: Several word games are available to play online. The site also has a thesaurus, quotes, references, and translator.

Discovery Channel: There are study tools, games, and learning adventures. Site has ads.

Enchanted Learning: A large variety of online stories, games, materials and information for children. Site has ads and subscription for membership area.

Fact Monster: Here you will find information on a variety of school subjects. There is a homework center, reference desk, news, and games. The site has ads.

Information Collection: Source of interactive history projects for students.

Kids Running: Information, resources, and non-computer game ideas are available on running, fitness, health, and nutrition. A personal identification number (PIN) is available to protect children under 13 years of age. Books and other materials are available for sale. The site has ads.

Learning Planet: Various free games and activities for pre-k through secondary. Site has ads and members-only area.

PBS Kids: The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) provides various games and activities for young children. Site has banner ads.

Storyplace: The Children’s Digital Library: Online talking and singing stories for preschool and elementary age children. Site has ad for email newsletter.

Starfall: A highly-rated site with online and printable activities for pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade children designed to help them learn to read and write.

Educational Software: freeware and shareware

Family Games: Shareware and freeware for PC; educational fun For kids. Site has ads.

Kid’s Freeware: Links to online and downloadable free software for PC and Mac. There are ads.

NewFreeware: Download freeware and shareware educational software for PC and Mac. Categories feature allows searching by freeware only. Site has ads.

Only Freeware- No Shareware: Free downloadable educational software for PC. Site has ads.

Owl and Mouse Educational Software: Free educational maps and geography puzzles available online for PC and Mac and some for download for PC.

Project Gutenberg: Tens of thousands of free ebooks are available in a variety of formats, such as epub, kindle, and audio books. You can search the site by author, title, category, and language. These are books whose copyright has expired in the United States.

Arts, Sciences, and Physical Activity for Kids

The Bronx Zoo: There are online games for children and lesson plans for teachers about wild animals.

Games Kids Play: Rules for over 250 recreation games for kids.

Happy Folding: There is a wealth of free information about origami, including pictures, diagrams, dictionary, and instructional videos. – Kids’ Section: Learning about your health is fun! Play games, watch animations, read interesting articles and answers to kids’ questions. Topics include nutrition, bug bites, how the ear works, medical
words, safety, fitness, behavior, and more. Site has signup for email newsletter. for Kids: Explore games, activities, and information about animals and geography. The site has ads and membership offers.

Neuroscience for Kids: Students and teachers can learn more about the nervous system. Enjoy the activities and experiments on your way to learning more about the brain and spinal cord. Site has ad for donations.

NASA Spacewalk Game: Play online or download a free game to experience being a NASA astronaut on the International Space Station.

Omniglot: The online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.

San Francisco Symphony: The San Francisco Symphony enables children to learn about music, musical instruments, and orchestras.

Right Action: Responsibility, Respect, and Reflection

Academy of Achievement: The Academy of Achievement brings students face-to-face with the extraordinary leaders, thinkers and pioneers who have shaped our world.

BC SPCA Education Division: By teaching children about behaviour, needs and care of animals, our programs provide gentle yet powerful lessons in compassion, responsibility. Site has membership club, minimal ads, donations, and online store.

Not My Kid: Inspires parents to help educate their children about the consequences of drug and other addictions and destructive behaviors.

Peace Kids: At Peace Kids and Better World Kids, there are tips on how you can help the environment, stories, activities, and links to pen pals and volunteer organizations. You will also find DinoPals pages about world peace, ending world hunger, and dealing with anger. Educational fun for kids who care about the world. Site has ads for books, videos, and music for purchase.

Networking for Kids: Advises and inspires kids for Internet safety

Connect Safely: There are safety tips, advice, and a forum for teens, parents, and experts to discuss safe socializing on the Web.

Facebook Family Safety Center: Information, tools, and resources for using social networking through Facebook.”

TeenAngels: Teenangels are a group of thirteen to eighteen year old volunteers that have been specially trained in all aspects of online safety, privacy and security. After completion of the required training, the Teenangels run unique programs in schools to spread the word about responsible and safe surfing to other teens and younger kids, parents, and teachers.

Resources (for teachers and parents)

The Bronx Zoo: There are online games for children and lesson plans for teachers about wild animals.

Character Counts!: Learn about the Six Pillars of Character. This widely implemented approach to character education, is reaching millions of youth through thousands of affiliated schools, agencies and organizations. Many of the country’s leading educational and youth-serving institutions belong to the Coalition, including the YMCA, 4-H, Little League, Boys & Girls Clubs, the NEA and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Discovery Channel: Links to a variety of education resources for teachers, parents, and students.

Education World: There is a searchable guide to resources in various content areas for administrators and teachers. The site has ads.

The History Channel— Classroom: There are printable materials for classroom use to accompany the classroom programs. The site has ads for The History Channel.

PE Central: This is an extensive site for health and physical education teachers. It includes information, lesson plans, activities, and equipment for sale.

Project Wisdom: Project Wisdom, Inc. is an independent, nonpolitical for-profit organization. It “encourages students to reflect upon the meaning of civic and personal values and the application of those values in their daily lives.”

Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement (SMILE): A large number of free lesson plans are available for download on biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. A compilation of lesson plans is available for purchase in hardcopy or on a CD.

Teach-nology: Various tools are provided for teachers to create a website for interaction with students and their parents.